All thanks to the advancements in science and technology, there are certainly no ideas like Bitcoin and Blockchain that keep the potential to transform the economy, environment or society. In a short time, the prominence of distributed ledger technologies has grown tenfold that cryptographic forms of money have become the talk of the town. The significance of the nascent technology has elated its status to many realms including public and private infrastructure that it is now too hard to think beyond blockchain initiatives. The pace in which the technology revolutionizes, it is too fast getting entrenched in the mainstream businesses. Today there is a high degree of blockchain adoption rate among mainstream businesses like healthcare, finance, real estate, agriculture, automobiles, renewable energy, needless to say, no industry is spared from its advancements. The glitters of blockchain are catching every eye that is around. With no further ado, let me read why you should enter the blockchain space and go into this vocation stage. Here we go.

  • Blockchain Hype is over. 

From 2020, it is all about a new beginning with leaders across industries tracing down how to adopt and leverage blockchain technology in their specific domains. Do you know more than  50% of global organizations view blockchain as a strategic priority and out of it 32% of companies are in the development stage of their blockchain project? Doesn’t it indicate a surge in blockchain favouritism? It is estimated that there are about 3,000 blockchain startups registered on AngelList strongly pointing out there is no less number of jobs in the blockchain ecosystem. If you can make a career in it, certainly, it offers the best scope to showcase your skills behind the paradigm shift.

  • Walk with the Cutting Edge Technology

In the age of globalization and digitalization, it is quite expected of one technology that can adjust or scale themselves to the flexible environment of the trends that keep on changing. For those who want to stroll with the latest advancement of the world, they can certainly try out with technology like blockchain. When it comes to blockchain, each year is witnessing incredible transformations in terms of security, privacy, scalability or say flexibility. Last year, blockchain technology witnessed the rise of many pragmatic developer conclaves such as VeChain, Corda, Hyperledger, and Ethereum promising better infrastructures to ameliorate living standards, solve real-world business problems, and deliver value-added services. In 2020, the leaders are into building production-level solutions unrivalled to any existing technologies. If you are passionate about becoming a blockchain entrepreneur or a blockchain developer, it is the right time to join the blockchain club. All you have to do is

  1.  Put hours in learning blockchain.
  2. Study the technology from industry experts.
  3. Use the resources in an efficient manner.

And most importantly,

  1.  Keeping future growth in mind.
  • Better Futuristic Value

Blockchain is a rising area. Investing in blockchain has incredibly seen a rise. The adoption of blockchain has gradually begun to unlock business adaptability. Thus, blockchain is positively the best spot to ensure a career. Being an advanced and improved innovation, blockchain can definitely get you good pay in the journey path. You can certainly expect trading off with the pay. Now what, be the protagonists in the blockchain field. Get hold of a good coach to make you tailor-fit in the blockchain ecosystem. 

Interested in Blockchain but worried about how to get started? We make things simpler and light. 

Kerala Blockchain Academy offers different blockchain courses to skill up your blockchain career. We help you get started with our basic beginner programs in blockchain – Certified Blockchain Associate, to upskill your knowledge in the blockchain. The course gets you a high-level overview of the blockchain fundamentals, concepts, underlying principles and technologies. You can take your blockchain developer journey ahead via making this as a baseline. The course is offered online and offline meeting every desire. A perfect blend of text and tutorial videos, Certified Blockchain Associate program can be your best blockchain buddy to get things started.  

Now that you are eager to grow your blockchain specialization, KBA offers that too. KBA offers several blockchain course options related to the subject- Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger.

Continue reading to know what comes inclusive in our highly rated blockchain courses ideal for students, graduates and working professionals.

Certified Ethereum Developer

Certified Ethereum Developer Program ( CED) offers advanced training and certification on Ethereum Blockchain. The in-depth blockchain developer program primarily targets developers with knowledge of basic web development tools and techniques thus transforming them into competitive dApp developers. The Ethereum developer program edifies everything about Ethereum Blockchain, writing smart contracts using Solidity, Web3, and Truffle, developing decentralized applications, and lastly how to piece everything together. Students get to learn how to build a sophisticated decentralized application that is backed by a smart contract. The Certified Ethereum Developer program is offered in collaboration with MLG Blockchain, Canada.

Certified Hyperledger Developer ( Sawtooth)

The Certified Hyperledger Sawtooth Developer program is offered in collaboration with Intel Corporation. Kerala Blockchain Academy provides customized Hyperledger Sawtooth programs for businesses, technical professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate clients with the required balance of topics, industry-specific use cases, and practice sessions. The lab- intensive blockchain training program primarily targets developers with knowledge on basic web development tools and techniques to build an application on top of the permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology. 

Certified Hyperledger Developer ( Fabric) 

The Hyperleder Fabric developer course primarily focuses on chaincode (smart contract) and application development on Hyperledger Fabric using NodeJS. The course caters to the needs of developers and administrators as the course curriculum is expertly curated to meet the needs of sophisticated application development, network administration, and deployment. A use-case driven approach is adopted so that learners easily comprehend the concepts and build their own Fabric network. Do you know KBA is an Associate Member and Official Training Partner of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project? 

Certified Corda Developer 

In association with the R3 consortium, KBA offers a blockchain certification program on the Corda platform. The Certified Corda Developer program provides developers with the knowledge to build and deploy Cordapp on the Corda platform. The blockchain developer course primarily targets developers with knowledge on basic web development tools and object-oriented programming techniques. The Corda developer course introduces everything needed to understand the DLT technology, write and build CorDapp applications and build a mini project that demonstrates key Corda features. The course is offered online and offline. For more details visit our e-learning platform.

Certified Blockchain Architect

Certified Blockchain Architect (CBR) Program offers the developers an exciting opportunity to work with the Research & Development Engineers and Scientists of Kerala Blockchain Academy on live Blockchain projects. The course facilitates the Certified Ethereum Developers and Certified Hyperledger Developers to apply their theoretical and practical knowledge gained through the learning program, more so earn the credits of real project exposure over every facet of blockchain development activities. For more details visit our website.

Certified Blockchain Business Professional

Non-technical in nature, the Certified Blockchain Business Professional (CBP) Program is handcrafted for candidates from business backgrounds and entrepreneurs who may or may not have a programming base. The blockchain course is an elite way to demonstrate learner’s skill and level up their professional knowledge in blockchain technology. The 30-hour program gives a profound knowledge of blockchain disruptions in the various business domains and investigates future possibilities with blockchain. With zero lab components, the course remains open to any who dot blockchain and outlook for a change using the technology. The online version of CBP program is expected to launch mid-October. Therefore, stay tuned to our LinkedIn account and Facebook account so that you are never missed of our updates. Do subscribe to our Youtube channel for informative videos and webinars from experts. 

Wait……… before winding let me read you certain hacks to keep in mind while you choose your blockchain course. 

1. Engaging Instructor 

Blockchain concepts can be complicated and hard to understand. So, you want an instructor that’s engaging and doesn’t ramble endlessly. You need someone who can break the lessons into digestible chunks.

2. Concise

Go for a concise curriculum. That rather helps you focus on the most essential information that you’re looking for. 

3. Self-Paced

Choose a course that doesn’t force you to rush through modules to meet deadlines. Working at your own pace gives you the freedom to spend as much time as you need for hard lessons. So why don’t you check out our online programs? We meet you every week virtually as a group, to sum up your queries. Also, you can drop your suggestions and needs at our discussion board so that we can help you in real-time. 

If you have decided to start a career in blockchain, visit our website https://kba.ai/  or write to us at elearning.kba@iiitmk.ac.in for more details. 

Wish you a happy blockchain learning and a future-proof career.