An Unparalleled Opportunity To Gain Hands-on Blockchain Development Experience.


Batches : Winter (Nov to Jan) & Summer (May to Jul)

MODE : Online/Offline/Hybrid

PREREQUISITES: Programming Knowledge in JavaScript

SEATS : 15

OFFERINGS : Certificate + ₹10,000/- worth Course Access

Open for Students and Blockchain Enthusiasts


Imagine having the opportunity to unleash your technical ingenuity and acumen in the blockchain world- with the official blockchain training partner’s support, mentorship and backing. This is what the Internship in Blockchain Technology offers to the candidates. The candidate will also get an opportunity to work on social-good projects at Kerala Blockchain Academy.


The program is for candidates familiar with blockchain technology concepts and programming knowledge of HTML and Javascript. The course is open to all aspiring students currently studying computer science, engineering, or a related field with a strong interest in blockchain technology. It is also suitable for professionals looking to transition into the blockchain industry or who want additional skills and knowledge in this rapidly growing field.

Program Structure


Interested individuals can apply to participate in the program once registration opens.

 Learning Phase
 (1 month)

Interns will be granted free access to KBA’s selected self-paced courses. Interns should complete the course and any associated exercises or quizzes within these four weeks.

Project Deployment
 (2 months)

After completing the learning phase, participants will be assigned to a project team to work on a real-world blockchain project in Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric technologies under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Report Submission &  Certification

At the end of the program, participants must submit a report detailing their experience and the work they have completed during the program. This report may be added as a part of the participants’ portfolios to showcase their skills and knowledge to potential employers. A blockchain-powered certificate will be given to students upon completion.

Program Fee

* Applicable taxes extra.

Students who opted for discounted fees should mail a scanned copy of relevant documents, like student id card and registration confirmation mail to prove their eligibility,  to after completing the payment process.


If you have any queries regarding the Internship program, please send us an e-mail at /