Imagine having the opportunity to unleash your technical ingenuity and acumen in the blockchain world- with the support, mentorship and backing of the official blockchain training partner. This is what Blockchain Excellency Program ( BEP) offers to the candidates.

The paid internship program will offer blockchain-interested candidates the opportunity to work with a team of peers to improve their analytical and technical skills and work in a truly blockchain environment. Besides being mentored, the candidates will be allowed to take part in brainstorming, presentations, and development workshops to identify their real potential to build a professional portfolio in the blockchain world.


We expect candidates to have a basic idea of blockchain technology and gain better insights through the peer-learning process and classroom sessions.


  • Open to graduates and postgraduates of any discipline not exceeding 40 years.
  • Available for a minimum internship duration of 12 months.
  • Have a flair for blockchain technology and technical-based workings.
  • Possess quantitative IT and communication skills.

0-3 Months

The unpaid training takes a head-on dive into the blockchain, exploring through Public and Permissioned blockchain infrastructure.


On completion of 3 months, the candidates will undergo an intermediate evaluation to be paid off with Rs 15,000/- from the 4th month.

04-12 Months

Make candidates blockchain industry ready via deep exposure to the blockchain learning environment, polishing the coding skills, deploying decentralized applications and creating technical write-ups and explainer videos in the blockchain.


Blockchain Excellency Program selection process


Blockchain Excellency Program internship areas


Mention your relevant key skills/talents and how you can apply them when you take up duty.

In your online application, you should focus on your motivation to join the Blockchain Excellency Program and highlight your potential contribution to the workstreams you’ve identified.


If you have any queries regarding Blockchain Excellency Program, please send us an e-mail to kba.admin@duk.ac.in.

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