This article is written assuming that you are familiar with blockchain technology. Nonetheless, we’ll briefly overview this emerging and relatively young technology. Blockchain is a network of interconnected nodes that validates and records digital currency transactions, supply-chain records, and other data requiring validity, integrity, and distributed access. The three core
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When it comes to financial markets such as foreign exchange, stock, and bonds, there needs to be some mechanism offering liquidity to trade in the asset. For those new to the term, let me explain what liquidity is. Because hereafter, you’re to encounter the word every now and then. Liquidity
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Imagine an internet kind that not only interprets what you input, but also accurately understands what you convey, no matter whether through text, voice or other media. Yes….it’s true. We’re living in an era where the content we consume is more tailored than ever before. We’re at the tipping point
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March 7, 2022

Evolution of Web

Internet technology is often recognized as a significant innovation in computer science. Its impact is too rooted that life will not move in its absence. It has become the wheels of humans as the Internet is ingested, implanted and connected to humans in some way. When the covid pandemic brought
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February 23, 2022

Unravelling Stablecoins

Today cryptocurrency is considered a better form of money for different reasons. All thanks to its attributes from transaction immutability to security and privacy. However, its volatile nature limits its applications in finance. The price of the cryptocurrency, expressed in terms of fiat currency, keeps fluctuating. If we take the
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