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This project titled “Immunochain: A traceability solution for vaccines in immunization programs” addresses the problem of traceability of immunization vaccines from regional centres, through the distribution mechanisms in cold storage networks and the vaccine handling/administration facilities, till the end consumer in the Indian context. The project, Immunochain, is a big data and blockchain technologies powered, mobile/web-enabled vaccine traceability solution for immunization programs in India. It is vendor-neutral, scalable, replicable and reusable across different immunization programs in any geographical context.

Mobile application

Mobile app enables vaccine registration, stock management and vaccine administration by officials.

Web application

Immunochain web application helps in beneficiary management and report generation.

Blockchain systems

DLT-enabled supply and beneficiary data injection APIs and supporting infrastructure.

Big Data analytics

To support analytics solutions over the data and to provide insights into the immunization procedures.



Project Pilot

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