Economists have long recognized the role of entrepreneurs in economic growth starting with Schumpeter. He was the first economist to formalize the myriad roles the business makers play in terms of reviving the markets, industries or infusing newer technologies. With time, the recognition became branded and adoration never-ending. 

Today, most start-up enthusiasts grow up idolizing business tycoons and start-up entrepreneurs. Especially the self-made Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Narayan Murthy, Sunit Mittal who forms  a rare breed enriched with no equal confidence, and risk tolerance to start a business. And as one grows trying to become one, it is quite common to associate many traits between you and your idol entrepreneurs. 

But can this be a reality? Can you be a business-builder and enlist in the breed of innovation makers? Yes, of course, you can- if you have a strong idea backing and motivating you. The success stories of all these Entrepreneurs morales that no matter the myriad backgrounds or the weight of support structures, it is the idea and talent that set forth to build something. 

If you have an idea and of course, a heterogeneous mix of confidence, discipline and determination to kickstart off something of your own, no one can stop you from devising them.

Of course, many can complement with sufficient training and secrets, providing a fertile ground to crop your business ideas, just like we thought.

It’s just that you need to get an inner call from within and embark on your entrepreneurial journey. If you get a pungent smell that you belong to that rare breed overflowing with innovative ideas and creative thinking, we have got you covered. Continue reading this article for the hidden treasure.

How about starting a business surrounding blockchain technology? 

Don’t you think blockchain has surpassed the infancy tag and became a fertile ground for business mushrooms? In recent years, the distributed ledger technology has made a huge impact in the digital world bringing disintermediation onto the tabletop. The technology is now widely used in many sectors like banking, healthcare, cryptocurrency exchange, crowdfunding and government administrations leaving sparky footprints. With no disparity of size and complexity, the technology is widely adopted for its security and transparency credits. 

Any guess behind this fanfare??

Blockchain is simply foreseen to reduce the time and escalate the trust of the people who are starting a business with it. Many startups and entrepreneurs have already discovered their own businesses like cryptocurrency exchange business, fundraising, self-gifting valuable benefits. However,  yet a lot to explore and discover. The blockchain sea is vast and some people don’t know what business to start using this technology. 

Wanna check out the potential business ideas in blockchain? 

Wanna kickstart a blockchain business?

Wanna know how to brand and market them?

Well…we have got you covered. Check out the Certified Blockchain Start-up Program from the bench of Digital University Kerala in partnership with Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII). The Entrepreneurship Training Program in Blockchain is a golden nugget relishing your entrepreneurial appetite in the blockchain domain. For those bearing an entrepreneurial journey in blockchain, CBS can be a one-stop-shop digest listing the vocabulary and skills needed to manage a business surrounding blockchain, also apply valuable entrepreneurial concepts as they work with blockchain-focused projects. 

You’ll be trained in everything from: 

  • Identifying a business opportunity 
  • Evaluating your business ideas
  • Accessing the right markets
  • Exploring the entrepreneurship risks
  • Validating business strategies
  • Discovering key financial decisions
  • Secrets to raise capitals 
  • Building connection with investors
  • Blockchain application arenas 

Any prerequisites to join this Blockchain Entrepreneurship Training?

Hurray!!1 there are no prerequisites to join this course unless and until you have a strong urge of setting up a dream business of your own. The course is open for students, graduates, business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs who want to kick start their startup world or migrate their existing business to the blockchain.

How will the program structure be?

The online instructor-led entrepreneurship training will span for a total of 14 days with 4-5 hours of daily lecture. Entrepreneurship essentials consist of approximately 62-hours of lecture plus 15- hours of coursework assessing your competencies. 

And what’s next…….can you be helped with wings of fire to rocket your business idea?

Yes, we make it come true. Kerala Blockchain Academy has teamed up with Next Top Blockchain Startup opening a new egress of applying the blockchain skills and building a business around it. Next Top Blockchain Startup encourages young aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to and connect with global leaders of the blockchain ecosystem. The community helps in building the next generation of blockchain entrepreneurs.

Doesn’t it sound exciting??………… So the ticking clock!!

The first batch starts on 7, June with a maximum of 35 enrolments. So do not wait. Save your seat via enrolling at or at