Certified Blockchain Associate is a comprehensive dictionary of blockchain fundamentals and critical principles. The blockchain program is designed to accommodate the latest happenings in the blockchain space, easily understandable for everyone. The blockchain beginner program comprises both theory and practical sessions to provide hands-on experience for aspiring blockchain developers. The course is offered in collaboration with MLG Blockchain, Canada.


The blockchain beginner level program is designed non-technical and is accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of web technologies. It serves as an introductory course of blockchain for students and professionals helping them understand the basic principles, concepts, potentials and technologies underlying blockchain. The blockchain course provides a high-level overview of the primary dimensions of the technology that people from any background can develop the critical skills needed to future-proof their career in blockchain..


  •  Evolution of Currency and Ledgers.
  •  Principles and Technologies behind Blockchain.
  • Difference between Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.
    Types of Distributed Ledger Technologies.
  • Differentiating Traditional Transaction and Blockchain Transaction.
    A high-level overview of Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Introduction to Ethereum and other programmable blockchains.
    Need for Permissioned blockchains in businesses.
  • Role of Linux Foundation and R3 Consortium in crafting private distributed ledger technologies.
  • Understanding the far-reaching implications of Blockchain for society and economy.
  • Understanding practical use-cases of Blockchain in various industry sectors.


After successfully completing this training, it unlocks new prospects to your distinctive skill set.

  1. Join our Blockchain Excellency Program, a 12-month paid internship. Through this program, you’ll have the chance to collaborate with fellow interns and industry partners, enhancing your analytical and technical abilities within a blockchain ecosystem.
  2. Join our Blockchain Internship Program, a 3-month internship program where you can work on live blockchain projects to identify your potential to build a professional portfolio in the blockchain world.
  3. Join our Advanced Developer Courses in Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchain”, mastering the skills of developing and maintaining a blockchain platform. You’ll be skilled in developing, testing, and monitoring smart contracts, back-end systems, client-side applications, and other components of the blockchain application stack.


  • The program entails a total of 30 hours of dedicated learning. The learning includes various activities such as lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, and assessments.
  • Participants will access a structured curriculum covering key blockchain concepts, technologies, applications and Assessments.


As an integral part of the program, participants will have to attend a two-day online training scheduled as follows. During the training, participants will engage in interactive sessions, practical demonstrations, and networking with instructors and peers.

Course Fee

  • Course Fee is 7500 INR + Applicable Taxes

*Applicable Tax extra



The prerequisite for joining the CBA program is basic computer skills.


Certification is based on Continuous Evaluation through Online Quizzes and final project Idea Submission


Introduction to Blockchain – Features – Consensus Mechanisms – Types and Applications (3 Hours)

Programmable Blockchains Ethereum ( 2Hours)

Ethereum Demo (1 Hour)

Private DLTs – Hyperledger and Corda(2 Hours)

Hyperledger Fabric Demo (1 Hours)

Other Blockchains and Technologies – Potential Disruptions(3 Hours)


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