Certified Blockchain Associate

Admissions closed for Certified Blockchain Associate Online Instructor-led Batch(20th Feb 2023 - 24th Feb 2023 )

A Beginner Course to Kickstart Your Blockchain Journey

Course Includes...

  • Course Materials
  • Lifetime Content Access
  • Video Contents
  • Online Assessments
  • Blockchain-Enabled Digital Course Certificate


Certified Blockchain Associate is a comprehensive dictionary of blockchain fundamentals and critical principles. The blockchain program is designed to accommodate the latest happenings in the blockchain space, easily understandable for everyone. The blockchain beginner program comprises both theory and practical sessions to provide hands-on experience for aspiring blockchain developers. The course is offered in collaboration with MLG Blockchain, Canada.


The blockchain beginner level program is designed non-technical and is accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of web technologies. It serves as an introductory course of blockchain for students and professionals helping them understand the basic principles, concepts, potentials and technologies underlying blockchain. The blockchain course provides a high-level overview of the primary dimensions of the technology that people from any background can develop the critical skills needed to future-proof their career in blockchain.


Evolution of Currency and Ledgers.
Principles and Technologies behind Blockchain.
Difference between Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.
Types of Distributed Ledger Technologies.
Differentiating Traditional Transaction and Blockchain Transaction.
A high-level overview of Bitcoin blockchain.
Introduction to Ethereum and other programmable blockchains.
Need for Permissioned blockchains in businesses.
Role of Linux Foundation and R3 Consortium in crafting private distributed ledger technologies.
Understanding the far-reaching implications of Blockchain for society and economy.
Understanding practical use-cases of Blockchain in various industry sectors.


The 30 hours Certified Blockchain Associate (CBA) program runs virtually in both instructor-led and self-paced models. The virtual instructor-led classroom training runs with 30-hours of estimated effort. However, self-paced training calls for more comfy learning at own pace.


The prerequisite for joining the CBA program is basic computer skills.


Certification is based on Continuous Evaluation through online quizzes and final project idea presentation.


Full Government Scholarship through ABCD
Instructor-led Online
Through ABCD (without scholarship)
Instructor-led Online
₹ 3000*
Open Candidates (from India)
Instructor-led Online
₹ 7500*
Open Candidates (from India)
Instructor-led Offline
₹ 15000*

* Applicable taxes extra.


  • Course Materials
  • Content Access (Life Time)
  • Video Contents
  • Online Assessments
  • Blockchain-enabled Digital Certificate
  • Fully Instructor-led Interactive Sessions
  • Project Idea Mentor Support
  • Live Interaction with Instructors


Sl. No.Session TopicTheory / Hands-on
1Blockchain – Introduction, History & Philosophy, VariantsTheory
2Features of Blockchain – Transaction LifecycleTheory
3Need for consensus – BGP, BFT, PoW, PoSTheory
4Consensus Protocols in Blockchain – PBFT, PoET, PoATheory
5Concept of Ethereum World Computer & Usecases – NFT, Gaming, LAB – Metamask, Remix IDETheory + Hands-on
6Other Blockchains and Technologies – Introduction to Polygon, Polkadot, Solana, IPFS, Filecoin, OraclesTheory
7Private DLTs – R3 Consortium & Corda, Hyperledger Foundation – Hyperledger Fabric and other Umbrella ProjectsTheory
8Hyperledger DemoHands-on
9Potential Disruptions with BlockchainTheory
10Mini Project Discussion and SubmissionTheory

Trusted by Thousand of Students

Ms. Sherin Shahana B.
“"There are many online courses on Blockchain technology, but I was looking for classroom trainings to interact with the trainers. At KBA, the classes are very interactive, the trainers are really knowledgeable and always helpful. I would really recommend KBA for Blockchain training and CBP program is really worth doing."”
Sherin Sha
Test Engineer, Qualcomm
"To be frank, I was little sceptical when I came down but at the of this certification program, I can proudly say that I have gained deeper knowledge in Blockchain. The trainers where really great and approachable and spent good enough time with me to help me learn the know-how of Blockchain. I would thank KBA and all the staffs who helped me achieve my goal."
Sunil Balakrishnan
Senior Tech Risk Manager, Standard Chartered GBS
"Certified Blockchain Associate Program of Kerala Blockchain Academy is upto the mark for current scenario and got a very good training in Blockchain and related technologies. Got excellent hands on developing Decentralized applications. Recommends to all who wish to have a strong foundation in Blockchain."
Dr. Jubilant J
Saintgits College of Engineering
"Traveled all the way from Punjab because this is the only academy I found where there are classroom courses for Blockchain. It has been a very good experience and I have learned a lot here. The faculties have been very helpful and supportive. I will obviously come back KBA for pursuing advanced developer courses in Blockchain."
Jannat Rosha
Drish Shoes Ltd, Haryana


If you have any queries regarding Certified Blockchain Associate Programme, please send us an e-mail to kba.admin@iiitmk.ac.in / elearning.kba@iiitmk.ac.in
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