Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer program

Training and Certification Program on Hyperledger Fabric Platform

Course Includes...

  • Course Materials
  • External Reading Links and Demo Videos
  • Exercises, Tasks and Quizzes
  • Discussion Board Access
  • Blockchain-Enabled Digital Course Certificate
  • Access to Sample Fabric Projects


Kerala Blockchain Academy, an Associate Member of Hyperledger, offers comprehensive training and certification on Hyperledger Fabric for developers. Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned DLT framework for developing distributed applications and solutions for businesses. The modular, versatile and privacy-oriented design of Fabric helps to achieve the needs of specific industry use cases. The developer course primarily focuses on chaincode (smart contract) and application development on Hyperledger FabricV2.5 using NodeJS or Go. The course caters to the need of developers with a blend of topics related to chaincode, application development, and deployment.


The Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer program is open for anyone who anticipates a better understanding of decentralized application development on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. The syllabus befits individuals who are already familiar with the concepts of blockchain technology and has advanced programming knowledge of Go Gin, HTML, JavaScript and Docker-compose (an overview will be given in the course).

The course is open for all aspiring blockchain enthusiasts who would like to validate their knowledge with the industry-leading blockchain and Fabric trends.


  • Differentiate between Public and Permissioned distributed ledger technologies.

  • Role of permissioned DLTs for various domain and business applications.

  • The projects under the Hyperledger umbrella, especially Hyperledger Fabric for its distributed enterprise-grade architecture and modular design.

  • Demonstrate the use of various components/modules present in the Hyperledger Fabric platform.

  • Understand and build a small Multi-org based Hyperledger Fabric network.

  • Use tools and techniques needed to develop, test and deploy Chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric

  • Understand and implement Private Data Collections and familiarize rich queries.

  • Build a Fabric Network for the use case.

  • Use Go SDK for Chaincode interaction from an external application, familiarize with events processing and build a UI


Our training program comprises 60 hours of instructor-led sessions and 1 month of project development with dedicated trainer support.


Dates : 26th Dec 2024 to 18th Jan 2024

Mode :Online

Platform :Zoom

Language : Go

Timing : 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Batch Schedule

Date : 29th Jan 2024 to 9th Feb 2024

Mode :Offline

Language : Go

Timing : 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: IIITMK Buidling, Technopark Phase 1 , Kazhakootam, Trivandrum, Kerala  

Batch Schedule


  • Thorough knowledge on Blockchain (We highly recommend completing our Certified Blockchain Associate course before joining this course).
  • Knowledge of Advanced OOP Concepts, Go Gin, JavaScript, HTML and Docker-compose (an introduction will be provided during the course)
  • Familiarity with Ubuntu basic commands
  • Familiarity with the version control system such as GitLab is recommended


The evaluation criteria for the certification will be as follows:.

  1. There will be a mandatory assessment quiz after each module to continuously evaluate the learner’s progress.
  2. There will be two chances to attempt the assessments. You may refer to the course materials or the internet for the same and need to score a
    minimum of 70% marks in each quiz.
  3. The learner is expected to submit a project at the end.
  4. There will be an online project evaluation to assess the learner’s understanding of Hyperledger Fabric, also the workflow of the project. The project code will be evaluated if the learner scores a minimum score of 60% during the online project evaluation.
  5. The grades obtained from all the assessments together will represent 20%
    of your final grade. The score of your project will represent the remaining 80% of your final grade.
  6. For being certified the learner will have to obtain a final grade of 60% or higher.


* Applicable taxes extra.

  • Full scholarships on Course fees are accessible to individuals from the following communities:
    1. Fishermen Community
    2. BPL Women Candidates
    3. Women candidates from Single Parent Families
    4. Transgender Community
    5. SC/ST Community

To apply for these scholarships, interested candidates should complete the provided Google Form and submit supporting documents to substantiate their eligibility. Admission to the program will be confirmed after the verification of these documents.

  • For those who are interested in obtaining a 40% discount on the course fee, please register via the KKEM Platform using the provided link. Once registered, candidates can select their preferred batch (Skill Development Programmes ->Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer) and make payment 
Please make sure that your laptop has the following configurations.


  • Course Materials
  • Content Access (Duration of the course)
  • Online Assessments
  • Blockchain-enabled Digital Certificate
  • Fully Instructor-led Interactive Sessions
  • Project Idea Mentor Support

COURSE OUTLINE (Will update Soon)

DaySession TopicDuration
1Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric, Architecture, Transaction Flow, RAFT consensus3 Hours
2Setting up the Development Environment, Docker and Docker-compose Overview3 Hours
3Golang overview, Go Hands-on3 Hours
4Introduce the Use Case, Build network for the usecase3 Hours
5Introduction to Chaincode, Develop Chaincode in Go, Chaincode Lifecycle3 Hours
6Chaincode Testing, Chaincode for the usecase3 Hours
7Private Data Collection, Introduce Rich Queries3 Hours
8Advanced Queries, Complete the chaincode3 Hours
9Familiarize Test Network3 Hours
10Fabric Network- Generate certificates using cryptogen, Generate certificates using Fabric CA3 Hours
11Fabric Network- Develop configtx.yaml and docker-compose files for network, Build the network3 Hours
12Fabric Network- Install Chaincode, Invoke and Query the chaincode, Update chaincode3 Hours
13Fabric network- Adding another peer to an existing Organization, Adding another Organization to existing network3 Hours
14Fabric network – Build the network for usecase, Deploy and Invoke chaincode3 Hours
15Fabric Client SDK, Build Client Application in Go3 Hours
16Hyperledger Fabric Events and subscription, Implement REST APIs, Postman Integration3 Hours
17Familiarize Gin web framework, HTML UI Integration3 Hours
18Integrate Hyperledger Caliper, Project Guidelines3 Hours

If you have any queries regarding Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer, please send us an e-mail to elearning.kba@duk.ac.in