Certified Ethereum Developer

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Instructor-led Offline batches for Certified Ethereum Developer has been discontinued until further notice.
Please visit our Online Learning Center at https://learn.kba.ai/ to enrol in our self-paced certification courses.

Training and certification program on Ethereum platform

Course Includes...

  • Course Materials
  • External Reading Links and Demo Videos
  • Exercises, Tasks and Quizzes
  • Discussion Board Access
  • Blockchain-Enabled Digital Course Certificate
  • Access to Sample Ethereum Projects


The course is designed to provide candidates with a deep understanding of decentralized application (DApp) development on the Ethereum blockchain. The course helps in mastering Ethereum DApp development that lets individuals become primed in developing smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. The program tours across the building blocks of developing applications on Ethereum blockchain by briefing concepts like DApps & Smart Contracts, Solidity Smart Contract Language, Ethereum networks, different standards, frameworks, and many more.


The Certified Ethereum Developer program is open for anyone who anticipates a deeper understanding of decentralized application development on the Ethereum blockchain. The syllabus befits individuals who are already familiar with the concepts of blockchain technology and has intermediate programming knowledge of HTML and Javascript and frameworks like Express, React. The course is open for all aspiring blockchain enthusiasts who would like to validate their knowledge with the industry-leading blockchain and Ethereum trends.


Understand the basics of Ethereum and smart contracts.
Learn Smart Contract Development using Solidity Language.
Understand the development of Decentralized Applications (DApps).
Learning the practical concepts of transactions over a blockchain network.
Understand the working of Ethereum Node.
Learn how to set up local Ethereum Test Networks.
Smart Contract Testing and Deployment to Ethereum Test Networks.
Learning about various tools and technologies such as Truffle, Ganache, Remix IDE, IPFS, Infura, etc.


The duration of the Certified Ethereum Developer program is 90 hours, including 60 hours of instructor-led training and 30 hours of project development with trainer support. The course runs in instructor-led physical and instructor-led online models.


– Thorough knowledge on Blockchain (We highly recommend completing our Certified Blockchain Associate and Ethereum Fundamentals courses before joining this course)
– Knowledge on HTML & JavaScript


Certification is based on Continuous Evaluation through Online Quizzes and Final Project.


Full Government Scholarship through ABCD
Instructor-led Online
₹ 4000*
Through ABCD (without scholarship)
Instructor-led Online
₹ 8000*
Open Candidates (from India)
Instructor-led Online
₹ 15000*
Open Candidates (from India)
Instructor-led Offline
₹ 35000*

* Applicable taxes extra.

1. Please note that the course fee for instructor-led physical sessions will be different. The registered candidates will be notified of the course fee when a new batch is announced.

2. Please note that for the ABCD Scholarship candidates, the course fee is applicable only for the first developer program they pursue. The course fee for the second developer program will be different.


  • Course Materials
  • Content Access (Duration of the course)
  • Video Contents
  • Online Assessments
  • Blockchain-enabled Digital Certificate
  • Fully Instructor-led Interactive Sessions
  • Project Idea Mentor Support
  • Live Interaction with Instructors


Sl No.TopicHoursTheory / Hands-on
1Course Overview0.5Theory
2Understanding Ethereum Blockchain2.5Theory
3Setting up the Development Environment + DApp Demo3Hands-on
4Understanding Decentralized Applications & Smart Contracts3Theory + Hands-on
5Solidity Programming Language Part 13Hands-on
6Solidity Programming Language Part 23Hands-on
7Ethereum Network: Clients & Simulations3Hands-on
8Solidity Programming Language Part 33Hands-on
9Smart Contract Programming Best Practises3Theory + Hands-on
10Decentralized Application Development Part 13Hands-on
11Web3 Behind the scenes and Truffle Suit3Hands-on
12Decentralized Application Development Part 23Hands-on
13Decentralized Application Development Part 33Hands-on
14Tokens in Ethereum Part 13Theory + Hands-on
15Tokens in Ethereum Part 23Hands-on
16Ethereum Client: Deep Dive3Hands-on
17Web3 & Solidity Events3Hands-on
18Testing & Debugging3Theory + Hands-on
19Ethereum 2.0 & Project Guidelines3Theory
20Course Summary & Sample DApps3Theory + Hands-on
21Q&A Session3Q&A


If you have any queries regarding Certified Ethereum Developer, please send us an e-mail to kba.admin@iiitmk.ac.in / elearning.kba@iiitmk.ac.in


Trusted by Thousand of Students

The Certified Ethereum Developer Program offered by Kerala Blockchain Academy was a great learning experience for me. The trainers and staffs at KBA do a great job by helping us whenever needed. I recommend KBA to all Blockchain aspirants.
Roshni K. T.
"To be frank, I was little sceptical when I came down but at the of this certification program, I can proudly say that I have gained deeper knowledge in Blockchain. The trainers where really great and approachable and spent good enough time with me to help me learn the know-how of Blockchain. I would thank KBA and all the staffs who helped me achieve my goal."
Sunil Balakrishnan
Senior Tech Risk Manager, Standard Chartered GBS
"Certified Blockchain Associate Program of Kerala Blockchain Academy is upto the mark for current scenario and got a very good training in Blockchain and related technologies. Got excellent hands on developing Decentralized applications. Recommends to all who wish to have a strong foundation in Blockchain."
Dr. Jubilant J
Saintgits College of Engineering
"Traveled all the way from Punjab because this is the only academy I found where there are classroom courses for Blockchain. It has been a very good experience and I have learned a lot here. The faculties have been very helpful and supportive. I will obviously come back KBA for pursuing advanced developer courses in Blockchain."
Jannat Rosha
Drish Shoes Ltd, Haryana
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