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Growth Marketing Manager

Push Protocol is ‘The communication protocol of web3’. Push protocol enables native messaging, notifications, spaces and video for wallet addresses through a secure, encrypted, and open network for web3 protocols, dapps and crypto wallets.Being an open communication middleware, Push is building a suite of products to enable notifications, chat, group chat, and more. We currently have three major products, Push Notifications, Push Chat, Push Spaces and Push Video / Audio. Push is backed by top VCs…

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Mutiple Positions at Light Curve

Lightcurve is a company that is dedicated to enabling people worldwide to achieve financial freedom and true ownership. Every member of their team takes ownership and contributes their unique skills to their journey into the exciting realm of web3. By working together, they create not only meaningful products and services but also a lasting and tangible impact in the real world. They are looking for candidates in the following roles Tech Lead Senior Product Manager…

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Software Developer(KBAJ008)- Applications closed

Our partner firm seeks an experienced software developer skilled in WebGL, Three.js, Node.js, and optionally C#. Our project involves creating a cutting-edge web-based metaverse platform emphasising real-time updates, multiplayer interactions, and immersive 3D environments. Roles and Responsibilities : Implement real-time updates and ensure seamless multiplayer experiences in the metaverse. Design, develop, and optimize 3D environments, models, and interactive features using WebGL and Three.js. Utilize Node.js for server-side logic, API integrations, and managing real-time communications. (Optional)…

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Blockchain Researcher (KBAJ007)- Applications closed

Zephyr Capital is seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable researcher. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of mathematics, with a particular emphasis on financial mathematics. Knowledge of decentralised finance would be a plus point. The company has developed a stablecoin as their first product and is currently working on a new liquidation mechanism to enhance its capital efficiency. They are looking for a researcher to investigate and validate this liquidation mechanism. The primary responsibility…

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