If you’re in blockchain technology, this is probably the most important conferences to attend. Hyperledger community is gearing up for its third Hyperledger Global Forum (HGF), the premier enterprise blockchain event of 2021. The virtual event will run for three days from June 8-10 and will cater to a global audience by having two daily tracks, one for East and the other for West. 

Speaking about the event, Hyperledger Global Forum is an annual congregation of DLT enthusiasts, technologists, developers, business users and innovators from all around the world. The agenda is to bring together the extended enterprise blockchain community under one roof and focus on the evolution and impact of Hyperledger technologies on a global scale. 

The three-day event will feature more than 1,200 Hyperledger contributors, members, service providers and enterprise end-users from around the world and include more than 100 sessions across the business, technical and demo theatre tracks. 

The key takeaways include The State of Blockchain Interoperability in 2021UAE Trade Connect – UAE’s First, Largest Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform, Oceans Plastics Recycling Solution using Hybrid Blockchain, Building Transformative Platforms to Scale 5G Ecosystems using Hyperledger, Supply Chain Security – Tackling Compliance, Fraud and Counterfeiting, Building a Hyperledger Indy Network – A Technical Overview, Blockchain in the COVID-19 Fight – US HHS Testing Results Reporting Using Distributed Ledger and Universal Rendering of SSI Credentials.

In addition, the third HGF will leverage a range of interactive features from the Hopin events platform, including live Q+A, chat and polling functionality, speed networking, virtual booths and Birds of a Feather and AMA break-out.

There is a great line of speakers and contents selected for the event pressing key questions of ‘why blockchain’ and ‘why now’ the technology. Hyperledger has announced a number of keynote speakers for the premier virtual event which includes- Arnaud Le Hors (Senior Technical Staff Member, Blockchain & Web Open Technologies, IBM), Frank Yannis (Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, Food and Drug Administration), Dr. Mary C. Lacity (Walton Professor and Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence), Jonathan Dotan (Founding and Director of the Starling Lab), Marie Masserey (Head Industry Architecture, IATA) Kareem Yusuf (IBM General Manager, AI Applications and Blockchain, IBM), Brian Behlendorf (General Manager for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity, The Linux Foundation) HE Serey Chea (Assistant Governor, National Bank of Cambodia ), David Treat (Senior Managing Director, Global Blockchain Lead, Accenture), Brendan Cooper (Director – NFT, Blockchain & Digital Systems, Panini America) etc. 

This year numerous projects from India, Japan, Korea and China will be sharing experiences. All thanks to Hyperledger’s strong alliance with Asia. One of the big agendas this year is to make Hyperledger Global Forum diversity-inclusive and as welcoming as past events.  Kerala Blockchain Academy (also Hyperledger Associate Member and Training Partner)  is now the Community Partner for Hyperledger Global Forum.

 On behalf of the Hyperledger community, we welcome everyone to join this powerful mix of high impact speakers and disruptors. Join this wave and help us further strengthen the Hyperledger community.