January 2022

Forks in Blockchain

“A blockchain is a “chain” of blocks, where each block stores a pointer to its previous block.” As the blockchain continues to grow by adding more and more blocks, some scenarios may lead to the split of blockchain into one more potential path. For example, if one or more blocks point to a different block, …

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What’s in Store for Blockchain in 2022

Blockchain is one of the technologies that never stops its diameter from stretching. Right from the inception, it is seen to be constantly evolving, branching across different arenas resolving various conventional woes. The rising popularity of blockchain techniques is significantly seen to change the way digital and networking systems operate and manage. In the meantime, …

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Polkadot: A Detailed Technical Impression

Hi Everyone, Didn’t we promise a detailed blog on Polkadot last week? Here is the technical impression of Polkadot Blockchain giving you a much-magnified outlook of its architecture and working philosophy. If you have missed our previous blog on Polkadot, please find it here. To get started, let’s get back to the ideation of Blockchain. The technology of Blockchain …

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Polkadot: The Connecting Dots of Blockchain

Polkadot is one of the several competing blockchains that aims to grow an ecosystem of its own. Launched in 2020, Polkadot is among the newest, that trends for enumerable reasons. The latest fad introduces many novel technical features that suffice current blockchain challenges including scalability and low throughput. All thanks to Gavin Wood ( Co-Founder of Ethereum) who …

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Explaining Cryptography in Blockchain

Cryptography is one significant element, a major technology that blankets blockchain with ultimate security, making it all tamper-proof. Do you know blockchain makes use of two main cryptographic primitives: Hashing and Digital Signature. We’ve already seen what Hashing is in the previous article. Now let’s dissect what Digital Signatures is all about. Well….wait. Before heading towards the Digital Signatures, let’s quickly stroll through …

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