The Ethereum Developer Program is designed for blockchain enthusiasts interested in computer programming or aspiring to start their software development career as a Blockchain Developer with a specialisation in the Ethereum platform. The learner will gain an in-depth conceptual understanding of Blockchain technology with clarity on the components and architecture of the Ethereum platform and hands-on experience in Solidity programming language to write Smart Contracts and develop Decentralized Applications (DApps) focused on real-life use cases.


Equip aspirants with in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and expertise in the Ethereum platform, focusing on Solidity and Decentralised Application (DApp) development.


3 Months (60 Hours of Instructor-led Sessions + 1 Month Project + 1 Month Extended Support)

 Monday -Friday    I    02 Hours/ Day


Certificates will only be awarded to candidates who have met the minimum passing criteria in the project evaluation.


  • Ethereum Basics : Explore Ethereum’s programmability, operational aspects, protocol, transaction lifecycle, and upgrade history.
  • Smart Contracts: Dive into the behind-scenes of Smart Contract- compiling, bytecode, ABI, and code execution payment models.
  • Decentralised Applications (DApps): Illustration of different EVM-compatible wallets. Introduction to basic tools and frameworks for DApp development.
  • Solidity Programming: A deep dive into the Solidity programming. Mastering data structures, control structures, and advanced features in Solidity.
  • DApp Development & Testing: Design and develop DApps using tools like Hardhat and MetaMask, focusing on UI and smart contract interactions.
  • Network Interaction: Exploring the Ethereum network and client architecture. Understand network participation, node setup, and Ethereum consensus.
  • Tokens & Standards: Study the evolution and implementation of token standards. Learn asset representation through ERC20, ERC721 and ERC 1155 standards.
  • Advanced Concepts and Best Practices:  Discuss Layer-2 solutions,  ZKP, and Upgradeable Contracts. Learn services like Wallets, Node Providers, Communication Libraries & Interoperability Options.



Prof Sandeep Kumar Shukla

Prof. Sandeep Kumar Shukla

Rajiv and Ritu Batra Cyber Security Chair Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Prof. Asharaf S

Prof. Asharaf S

Director- Kerala Blockchain Academy
Dean Development, HR- Digital University Kerala

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