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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Instructor-led Offline batches for Certified Blockchain Startup has been discontinued until further notice.
If you are interested in our Instructor-led Physical/Virtual batches, then you may please register your interest. We will notify you when the registration is open for new batch.

Learn the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Course Includes...

This course will help realize your Blockchain Entrepreneurship dream.
  • Instructor-led Virtual Classroom
  • Live Stream Class Recordings
  • 14 Days Training + 16 Hours Coursework
  • Lifetime Content Access
  • Self-Rating Questionnaire
  • Scoring and Correction Factor Sheet
  • Business Plan Template
  • Certificate on Public Blockchain


Certified Blockchain Start-up Programme is a collaborative online training program organized by Kerala Blockchain Academy, (an initiative of Govt. of Kerala under the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala – IIITMK) with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad. The prime focus is to equip startups and individuals with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to deal effectively with the issues, opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and set a formula for building successful startups in the sector of Blockchain technology. The course is open to individuals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and students who wish to establish their own blockchain startups or business.

The program covers lessons on key areas of starting up, basic principles and patterns, business canvas exercises, valuable entrepreneurial concepts over blockchain-focused projects, and the development of business essential deliverables. Students can experience a sampling of the ideas and techniques explored in various Blockchain Start-ups via lecture notes, handouts, use-cases, and more.


Any individual dreaming of a successful entrepreneurship career. Industrialists who are interested in the potential impact of blockchain. Entrepreneurs dreaming bigger innovation within the blockchain space. Entrepreneurs looking to boost their existing business models with the power of blockchain. Tech enthusiasts interested in the latest developments in blockchain.


Skills to develop great ideas and build your own blockchain business.
Identification of entrepreneurial opportunities and strengthening potentials.
Improvisation of strategic decision-making, and build innovative business models.
Key deliverables like idea generation, company formation, finance, marketing, and acquisitions.
Identification of value proposition that sets you apart from the competition.


Blockchain accelerator that incubates startups.Offering lifetime opportunity to connect with investors, marketers, token advisors, and ecosystem partners. Read more.
Open source blockchain infrastructure helping to jumpstart projects contributing to building consumer friendly applications. Read more.


Certified Blockchain Startup course included 14 days Class Inputs + 15 Hours Course Work.


There are no prerequisites for this program.


Certification is based on Online Evaluation & Final Course Work.


Candidates from India
Instructor-led Online
₹ 10000 INR*

* Applicable taxes extra.


  • Course Materials
  • Content Access (Life Time)
  • Video Contents
  • Online Assessments
  • Blockchain-enabled Digital Certificate
  • Fully Instructor-led Interactive Sessions
  • Project Idea Mentor Support
  • Live Interaction with Instructors


  Day                     Session Name Session by
Day 1 Understanding Entrepreneurship and Startups   EDII
Process of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial mindset – how Entrepreneurs think EDII
Entrepreneurial Competencies & SRQ Sheet EDII
Day 2 Introduction to Creativity & Innovation – Innovation – Concept, Types & Benefits EDII
Process of Innovation, Sustaining & Disruptive Innovations, Open Innovations EDII
Introduction to Design Thinking, Techniques of developing Innovative Products EDII
Innovation & Market Dynamics, Creating disruptions in the market EDII
Day 3 Sources of Business Ideas EDII
Ideation Techniques, Idea Screening & Decisive Elements EDII
Opportunity Matrix, Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) EDII
Evaluation and validation with special reference to Blockchain Startups, BOI Canvas EDII
    Day 4 Revolutionary Impact of Blockchain KBA
Current State of the Blockchain KBA
History of money and cryptocurrencies KBA
Introduction to Bitcoin KBA
    Day 5 Introduction to Blockchain Terminologies KBA
How Blockchain Works KBA
Blockchain Consensus KBA
Introduction-Second Generation Blockchain KBA
  Day 6 Smart contracts and dApps KBA
Token Economics, Defi and DAO KBA
Popular Cryptocurrencies and Usecases KBA
Types of Blockchain KBA
  Day 7 Industry-specific Blockchains and Corda KBA
Introduction to Hyperledger Projects KBA
Blockchain As A Service and Hybrid Blockchains KBA
Day 8 Blockchain in Supply Chain KBA
Blockchain and Financial Inclusions KBA
Blockchain and Environment KBA
Blockchain and Gaming KBA
Blockchain in Government and Healthcare KBA
Day 9 Blockchain Challenges and Key Players KBA
Future of Blockchain KBA
Blockchain in Indian Context KBA
Day 10 Forms of business organization I – Sole proprietorship, OPC (One Person Company) EDII 
Forms of business organization II – Partnership, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) EDII 
Forms of business organization III – Private limited, Public limited EDII 
Some legal formalities for starting a business EDII 
Day 11 Types of cost – Startup, Variable and Fixed EDII 
Basics of Accounting; Understanding & Preparing Financial Statements EDII 
Analysis of Financial Statements – Ratio analysis, Break-even; Working Capital Management for Startups EDII 
Working Capital Management –  Cash flow projections BEP and Balance Sheet EDII 
Day 12 Feasibility Studies: concept. Focus Areas and Kinds – Marketing, Financial, Technical & Organization EDII 
Business Plan: meaning, purpose and importance, Business Plan Format EDII 
Components of Business Plan EDII 
Introduction to the B-Plan Format EDII 
Day 13 Introduction to Marketing Mix, Market Research – Process & Importance EDII 
Branding, Logo, Tagline, Types of Marketing Tools, Promotional Strategies EDII 
Personal Selling, Vendor Management, Pricing Strategies EDII 
Basics of Digital Marketing EDII 
Day 14 Sources of Fundraising; Role of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists as a source of business finance EDII 
Business Valuation Methods, Drivers of Valuation EDII 
Investor pitch – importance, key elements & structure, Elevator Pitch EDII 
Understanding the Pitch Template EDII 


If you have any queries regarding Certified Blockchain Startup Program, please send us an e-mail to kba.admin@iiitmk.ac.in / elearning.kba@iiitmk.ac.in

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