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The list of blockchain and blockchain applications is growing in number. But how many in real comprehend the idea of blockchain: What exactly is it, and what makes it special? It is observed that there is still confusion persisting in the public discussions between blockchain and cryptocurrency. The two concepts
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Abstract: One of the most anticipated crypto occasions last year was the Ethereum Blockchain’s Merge. Completed on 15 September 2022, The Merge marked a significant step in the Ethereum blockchain’s transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism from proof-of-work (PoW). One of the positive effects of the shift was the
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With 2022 in the past, the key question now emerges: How will 2023 turn out for Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto? Any tech enthusiasts enthusiastically look at this question as blockchain is always an unfurling technology that continuously pours in its adoption prospects though dismayed at some point. In this article
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Blockchain is becoming a mainstream adoption technology as it offers multiple benefits. Several organizations across industries such as finance, healthcare, food supply chain, logistics, energy, and entertainment almost everyone is waking up to the purposive use cases of blockchain and taking steps toward its adoption. This digitally distributed, open, and
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