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Certificate on blockchain


CertiChain is a Blockchain powered solution for Academic Institutions and other certificate issuing bodies to issue the certificates onto Blockchain and anyone can verify the authenticity of the same in one click. CertiChain eliminates the need of background verification for certificates... Read More



Agrochain is a a platform for enabling/nurturing crowd-sourced, virtual cooperative entities for supply chain financing in agricultural sector. It is a blockchain-enabled cooperative farming approach which provides a transparent and trusted platform for the farmers... Read More



A Blockchain Powered Universal Health Record Management System. Each citizen become owners of their data with a Blockchain-based identity (UHC) which could grant permission to doctors for accessing their medical records as and when required. An analysis of tamper-proof... Read More



Skillchain is a platform providing resume management for migrant/ unorganized labourers. Skillchain is a decentralized blockchain application which directly connects interstate migrant workers with potential employers. This helps workers to build an experience certificate endorsed... Read More



Immunochain is a project by Kerala Blockchain Academy, IIITM-K, jointly supported by DBT, BIRAC and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under the Grand Challenges India – Immunization Data: Innovating for Action. This project is aimed at building a big data and blockchain technology powered... Read More

Open Source Repositories

Kerala Blockchain Academy is very keen on contributing back to the society, largely the student community and other enthusiasts on Blockchain. Find below our open source projects mainly designed and developed by our developer students and feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate on any of these projects or wanna actively contribute to our open source initiatives.

Projects on Ethereum

Land Registry is a simple Dapp based on the ethereum blockchain.

The aim of my project is to revamp the flight booking, check-in and boarding pass processes, distributing flight-seats and boarding passes to passengers as ERC721 Non-Fungible Tokens.

A blockchain-based Tollbooth Management System.

This is a D-app example on a private ethereum network that creates a decentralized platform for distribution of scholarship.

Projects on Hyperledger (Sawtooth)

A system where each bottle is assigned a unique id upon its creation, and is tracked across the entire supply chain until it reaches the consumer in a transparent and verifiable manner.

The aim of  this system is to make an Organ Donor list and an Organ Recipient list which will be store in a distributed data system i.e as blocks. It removes any middle men/ coordinators involved in the current system and thus removes human intervention.

This project invloves writing client application for TBDOTS, with Manufacture Register/Login, Medicine details entering, Patient Register/Login, Intake details entering & Patient Report functionalities.

This is a minimal example of a Sawtooth application, with a javascript based transaction processor and angular based client. This example demonstrates a simple use case, where officials can register for birth/death, and generate a certificate which can then be reverified at any point of time in the future.

This an online voting system developed in Hyperledger Sawtooth.

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