Certified Hyperledger Developer (Fabric)


Knowledge on Blockchain &
Advanced OOP Concepts


50 Hours + Weeks Project (Virtual Instructor-led)

course fee

35000 INR + Taxes ( (Virtual Instructor-led))
600$ +Taxes (Foreign Candidates - (Virtual Instructor-led)


Based on Online Evaluation &
Final Project.


Kerala Blockchain Academy, an Associate member of Hyperledger, offers comprehensive training and certification on Hyperledger Fabric for developers. Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned DLT framework for developing distributed applications and solutions for businesses. The modular, versatile and privacy-oriented design of Fabric helps to achieve the needs of specific industry use cases.

The developer course primarily focuses on chaincode(smart contract) and application development on Hyperledger Fabric using NodeJS. The course caters to the need of developers and administrators with a blend of topics related to application development, network administration, and deployment.

The course begins with a refresher on Blockchain terminologies and applications which then opens to extensive coverage of fabric components and architecture. A use-case driven approach is taken in which the learner would be able to understand the concepts by building up a use-case from scratch. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to build a minimal Fabric network using docker, implement chaincode using NodeJS, write client applications using Fabric SDKs, and leverage the Fabric CA capabilities.

Besides theory and hands-on exercises, participants need to work on a DLT application development project from scratch for the completion of the training. The certification is based on continuous evaluation and based on the performance of the participant in the final project evaluation and presentation


  • Blockchain Memoir
    • Tracing the origin
    • Enter Satoshi
    • "Double" Trouble
    • Let's Have An Accord !
    • The General Problem
    • Hashing It Out !
    • Chaining the blocks !
    • Chain Effect - Illustrated
    • Play By The Rules
    • A Private Affair
  • Docker Basics
    • How Containers Changed Many Worlds !
    • Docking those containers !
    • Composing an App !
    • The Life of a Container
    • Docker CheatSheet

  • Chain Of Change
    • Prologue
  • Tales To Astonish
    • Tracing the mango back to its tree !
    • The invisible world of papers & containers
  • Moral Of The Stories
    • Identifying The Villains
    • Transparency
    • Free flow of information
    • Traceability
    • Frauds & Malpractices
  • Chain To The Rescue
    • The Walmart Story
    • TradeLens

  • The Problem Statement
  • Why Hyperledger Fabric?
  • Defining a Fabric Network
  • Peers, Orderer and Client
  • Let's explore further on identities
  • Understanding The Fabric Transaction Flow
  • Bootstrapping the Network
  • Hands-On Exercise!

  • Look Upon Thy Deeds !
  • The Birth of a Transaction
  • Introducing Chaincodes !
  • Diving Deep Into Chaincodes
  • The subtle Art of Writing A Chaincode !
  • Hands-On Exercise!

  • Introduction
  • Building A Bridge
  • Dissecting the SDK
  • On with the code

  • Introduction
  • Things we need to know
  • Connecting The Dots
  • Handling The UI

  • Project Guidelines


The Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer (CHD – Fabric) Program is offered as both self-paced and instructor-led online. The pre-requisite for joining the CHD-Fabric program is a thorough knowledge on Blockchain (If you do not have a thorough knowledge on Blockchain, we highly recommend you to enroll for our free to audit course – Certified Blockchain Associate, available at https://elearning.kba.ai/courses/course-v1:CBA+CBA202+2020_T1/about) and Knowledge on Full Stack Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Express, Node.JS).


Certification is based on Continuous Evaluation through online quizzes and final project evaluation. Kerala Blockchain Academy will provide Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer Certificate to all the participants who successfully complete all the mandatory requirements of the  program and completes the continuous evaluation components. The CHD Fabric program modules are highly related and aligned to the industry demands and newly posted job descriptions in industry.


Each participant of this course is expected to identify one business use-case/project idea, discuss and develop the application using Hyperledger Fabric. There will be an individual project evaluation and presentation which is mandatory for the successful completion of the program. There will be 40% weightage for the Quizzes, and 60% weightage for the code evaluation, project presentation, and viva.


If you have any queries regarding Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer Program, please send us an e-mail to kba.admin@iiitmk.ac.in or elearning.kba@iiitmk.ac.in

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